2020 Flight Plan

Bringing the future forward with the 2020 Flight Plan

Air travel is of strategic importance to Spain: eight out of every 10 tourists arrive by plane. Air traffic in Spain is set to grow by an average of 4% per year through to 2020. ENAIRE will manage an extra 300,000 flights by then, for a total of over two million flights.

Significant growth in air traffic and the construction of the Single European Sky are the two main challenges ENAIRE has to face. To successfully deliver on them, an ambitious plan has been implemented to define the organisation's transformation roadmap for the 2017-2020 period.

As safety is the core objective of ENAIRE’s activity, dedicated action plans will be implemented to strengthen the system and deliver the maximum possible levels of safety both operationally and physically and in terms of on-the-job accident prevention.

Improved airspace capacity and efficiency is one of the priorities of this plan. The improvements planned in airspace design and the inclusion of new technologies (in line with the SESAR Single European Sky ATM Research programme) will make it possible to guarantee smooth operations, particularly in the most congested areas and under adverse conditions.

ENAIRE’s commitment to sustainable growth will be embodied in more direct routes and greener approaches, delivering significant environmental benefits: 191,000 tonnes of CO2 not emitted; 5.5 Mn nautical miles saved and 61,000 fewer tonnes of fuel.

Our strategic plan also entails a 12% reduction in the route charge for 2019, in addition to the 3% decrease applicable in 2018. This will put us in the position of offering one of the lowest charges among the main European providers and will improve the competitiveness of Spanish air navigation.

The ENAIRE team of professionals is the cornerstone and driving engine for the organisation's transformation. That's why, to foster the development of our full potential and talent, the plan provides for specific development programmes that consider the particular features and needs of each group.

Outside of Spain, the plan will foster the development of our international business through active engagement in consortia and strategic partnerships. This will see us adapt to new centralised service-provision models to leverage business opportunities.

ENAIRE is set to invest €300 million in making the 2020 Flight Plan a reality. A major investment effort, proof of ENAIRE’s firm commitment to pioneering the future of air-traffic management and confirming its position as one of the leading providers across Europe and the world.

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