Miguel Ángel López González


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Miguel Ángel López González

Mr López has a degree in biology from the Complutense University of Madrid, specialising in ecology and biochemistry. He has a number of master degrees, including in psychopharmacology (Complutense University); Molecular Genetics (School of Chemistry, Complutense University); Evaluation of Public Policies (ENA, Paris) and Public Management (National Institute of Public Administration).

He is a civil servant with the Senior Corps of State Civil Administrators in the ICT and Operational Mathematics speciality and the Senior Corps of Information and Communication Technology Officers.

He has been the chairman of the Madrid Institute of Public Administration, the director-general of public functions at Madrid Regional Council and deputy director-general and head of the Inspectorate-General of Services at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport.

He has been the deputy director-general of Financial, IT and Prison Service Management at the State Secretariat of Prisons and head of the Cooperation Programmes Evaluation Area at the Directorate-General for Financial Analysis at the State Secretariat of Territorial Administrations in the Ministry of Public Administration.

He has undertaken an interception controller course at the Airforce Transmissions School and been an examining magistrate at the Airforce Military Headquarters and the official head of the rapid response unit of the Security and Services Squadron at the Airforce Military Headquarters.

He holds the Medal for Aeronautics Merit with a blue insignia and the Medal of Honour from Prison Institutions.