General Aviation

A country of Spain’s climate, size and infrastructures can easily be a hub for aficionados to use and enjoy different forms of General Aviation. ENAIRE is working hard to make Spain a European benchmark for this type of aeronautical activity, due to its social and cultural aspects.

Recent years have seen ENAIRE enhance communication channels and relations with leading non-commercial aviation associations in order to learn more about their needs and expectations.

The upshot of this is that we are making progress in important areas such as lodging online flight plans and the INSIGNIA programme for chart and procedure viewing. We are also adapting airspaces with the goal of balancing air safety requirements with the non-commercial sector’s needs.

ENAIRE promotes collaboration with non-commercial aviation associations through its participation in taskforces. Result of this cooperation include the VFR manual and new charts. The goal is to address non-commercial aviation demands from a contemporary perspective that reaches out to the sector, implementing new initiatives as a consequence of dialogue, within a safer and more advanced airspace thanks to the implementation of new technology tools.