Safety indicators

There are two core safety indicators at ENAIRE: the Safety Maturity Index and the Weighted Safety Level. Demanding benchmark values are defined each year for both indicators to establish a monitoring and evaluation process targeted at enhancing operational safety, among other areas.

EoSM: Effectiveness of Safety Management

Shows the organisation and staff commitment to safety through the activities defined in the Safety Plan and the achievement of the proposed goals with regards effective safety management.

Weighted Safety Level

The Weighted Safety Level (NPS) reflects the number of air traffic incidents with high ground severities (A, B and C), of the main classifications, weighted by instrument flight hours (IFR, Instrumental Flight Rules).

Monitoring of the performance of the European service providers supplied by the PRU

To effectively discharge individual and group responsibilities in international civil aviation safety, ENAIRE also shares its safety data across Europe with the aim of identifying risks and obtaining improvements.

The communication or exchange of important operational safety information is performed at the European level via the Performance Review Unit (PRU), part of Eurocontrol’s Single European Sky management brief, supporting the Performance Review Commission.

It is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the performance of the 41 European air navigation service providers.

The PRC draws on this analysis to obtain improvements in air navigation service-provider performance.