Code of Ethics and Ethical Channel

Here you will find information on ENAIRE's Code of Ethics and Ethical Channel. Through the Ethical Channel, you can communicate and report any irregular behaviour that may expose ENAIRE to liability.

Code of Ethics

The Governing Board, in keeping with best business practices, approved ENAIRE's Code of Ethics, which sets out the principles and values that must guide the actions of our professionals, as well as the behavioural guidelines we must follow in the exercise of our activity to adjust our conduct to these values and principles.

You can view our Code of Ethics here.

Ethical Channel  

ENAIRE, as part of its commitment to a culture of ethics and regulatory compliance, has an Ethical Channel through which irregularities can be reported confidentially and securely, as a mechanism for preventing and identifying them.

You can submit your report here.

This Ethical Channel is part of the Internal Reporting System and complies with the requirements of the new Act 2/2023, which regulates the protection of individuals who report regulatory and anti-corruption violations.

Through the Ethical Channel, you can communicate and report any irregular behaviour you become aware of that violates ENAIRE's Code of Ethics, its Regulatory Compliance Management System or any internal ethics and compliance standard, as well as:

facts or conduct that may have criminal implications;

  • serious or very serious administrative infringements;
  • any type of harassment at employe´s workplace;
  • violations of labor law regarding health and safety matters;
  • actions or omissions that may constitute breaches of European Union Law under Law 2/2023;
  • any other type of irregularity that may involve liability for ENAIRE.

You can also ask any related questions.

The Ethical Channel allows reports to be submitted anonymously. If you choose to identify yourself, the information will be treated confidentially and securely.

ENAIRE's Internal Reporting System is based on the general principles set out in the Internal Reporting System and Whistleblower Protection Policy.

See the Policy here.

Reports submitted through the Ethical Channel will be processed in accordance with the following principles and guarantees:

  • The identity of the whistleblower and any third party mentioned, as well as the information and investigation, will be kept confidential
  • No retaliation
  • Respect for the principle of presumption of innocence and the right of defence of the parties concerned
  • Independence, impartiality and no conflicts of interest
  • Effective processing of reports

External channels:

In addition to this internal channel, you can submit any information to the Independent Whistleblower Protection Authority, once it is established.

If the events are potentially criminal, you can also report them to police, tax or judicial officials.

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