ATM-CNS systems


Air traffic management systems are at the technical core of the air navigation. They are intrinsic to the Air Traffic Services (ATS) provision and are used directly by air traffic controllers.

  1. SACTA (Automated Air Traffic Control System): this system is responsible for managing air traffic control. Its mission is to facilitate the ATS provision.
  2. iTEC (interoperability Through European Collaboration): latest generation of the Air Traffic Control system developed by Indra in collaboration with the air navigation service providers of Spain (ENAIRE), the United Kingdom (NATS), Germany (DFS), the Netherlands (LVNL), Norway (Avinor), Lithuania (Oro navigacija) and Poland (PANSA).
  3. ICARO XXI (Integrated COM/AIS/AIP & Reporting Office Automated System) integrates and manages the aeronautical information generated in Spain and received from the rest of the world through the European Aeronautical Database (EAD), Flight Plan and Slot information messages from Spanish airports and Meteorological information from the State Meteorological Agency (AEMET).
  4. COMETA (VoIP integrated into SACTA): Voice communications system over IP protocol.
  5. PERSEO (analysis platform of sector network effects in operation): tool based on air navigation systems’ data mining to facilitate the air traffic management decision-making process.
  • GNSS Monitoring: quality control system for GNSS multiconstellation (GPS/Galileo) and multifrequency (DFMC) signals. DYLEMA: land-based system for detection and location of frequency inhibitors (jammers).

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