Who we are

ENAIRE is the main provider of air navigation and aeronautical information services in Spain, the fourth in Europe by traffic volume, and one of the most important in the world. As a state-owned company of the Ministry for Transport and Sustainable Mobility, we manage Spanish airspace over a territory of 2,190,000 square kilometres. The air traffic managed by ENAIRE transports over 250 million passengers a year on 2 million flights. Through our five control centres, 21 towers, a complete network of aeronautical facilities and equipment, and a staff of more than 4000 professionals, we provide en route and approach air traffic services to aircraft throughout Spanish airspace, aerodrome control services in 21 airports, as well as flight information, alert and guidance services. We are the provider of communications, navigation and surveillance services throughout Spanish airspace and in the airports of the Aena network.