Welcome to ENAIRE Planea, a new platform specially designed for managing unconventional operations with drones, manned aircraft and other uses of the airspace.

ENAIRE Planea offers drone operators a large number of new features and advantages, most notably:

  • A personal space from which to manage and monitor all your requests.
  • A document repository in which to store your relevant information.
  • A hangar where you can save the aircraft you will use in your requests.
  • A channel for communicating with ENAIRE.
  • New assistants, forms and maps tailored to each activity.
  • Personal notifications.
  • Integration with ENAIRE Drones.

ENAIRE Planea will soon integrate the ability to manage aerial works and flight tests for manned aircraft and everything related to other uses of the airspace (surveys, fireworks, lasers, etc.).

Planea has been designed with the end user in mind and will be constantly evolving from now on. To facilitate the transition, Planea will be available alongside current systems until 31 December 2020. During this period, we will work to integrate more improvements, corrections and any suggestions you send in to us.

Remember to read the user manual and follow us on social media to get all the latest news.