The ENAIRE Drones web-based app offers help to pilots and operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) by providing them with the aeronautical information (from the current AIP ESPAÑA publication) needed to plan their operations safely. Drone operators and pilots can consult ENAIRE Drones to obtain warnings, alerts and NOTAM that may affect their flight. 

The debut of ENAIRE Drones mobile app is the result of our commitment to the drone sector, in an effort to promote safety and integration with aviation. It is now available free of charge for Google Play and, in the near future, for iOS. In this video, we explaint how ENAIRE Drones works. 

This application presents on a map the air spaces in Spain where you can use drones, such as air control areas or safety areas to be respected in relation to airports, heliports or military bases that require a permit to fly this type of aircraft.

It is a free web-based application has been developed by ENAIRE’s Aeronautical Information Division as part of the Strategic Plan to develop the drone civil sector 2018-2021 belonging to the Ministry of Public Works within ENAIRE's strategic plan.