ENAIRE is a pioneer in the implementation of satellite navigation systems, posited on its extensive experience in conventional navigation service provision. We are Europe's second-largest supplier and the fourth largest in the world to put GBAS (Ground-Based Augmentation System) technology at the service of air carriers, pilots and airport managers to guide aircraft with maximum precision in the final approach to the airport.


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As a support for the implementation of Performance-Based Navigation (PBN), ENAIRE has a comprehensive GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) performance and interference monitoring network at various airports.

ENAIRE hosts and operates for the European satellite navigation service one of the only two EGNOS (the European satellite-based augmentation system) control centres and five of its integrity monitoring stations.

As a conventional air navigation infrastructure, ENAIRE has a navaid network that provides support to en-route, approach and aerodrome guidance for all traffic flying in the Spanish airspace:

  • DME (Distance Measuring Equipment): enables aircraft to know the distance from their present position to the navaid.
  • ILS (Instrument Landing System): provides the pilot with onboard information for accurate guiding of aircraft in the approach and landing phases.
  • NDB (Non Directional Beacon): emits a signal in all directions that indicates to aircraft the course from their position to the facility.
  • DVOR/CVOR (Doppler/Conventional VHF Omnidirectional Range): provides aircraft with information on the radial where they are located with respect to the emitter equipment.
  • MCC (Mission Control Center) EGNOS control centre.
  • RIMS (Ranging Integrity Monitoring Stations).

With this equipment and infrastructure and a highly qualified team, ENAIRE provides the following services:

  • Conventional navigation services: VOR, ILS, DME and NDB.
  • Satellite navigation services: GBAS services and support for the SBAS performance service.