Through its highly trained human team, ENAIRE offers its clients a vast catalogue of consultancy services for engineering and technical services, including the following:

  1. Air Traffic Control (ATC) and runway (RWY) capacity studies, determining the number of aircraft per minute based on the controller’s workload, and implementation of efficiency measures, optimising existing resources.
  2. Aeronautical feasibility studies of new obstacles, including impact on landing/take-off manoeuvres and radioelectric analysis on nearby CNS facilities.
  3. Implementation of new processes and procedures (technical, management, planning, safety, verification, environment and site security) in the ANSP’s organisation.
  4. CNS/ATM systems specialised consultancy as Air Navigation Master Plans, implementation of RNAV/PBN (GNSS, DME-DME), analysis of system performance and quality of the broadcasted signal, CNS coverage studies, electromagnetic compatibility, remote systems monitoring, service quality assessment, MPLS based ATC data networks, migration to VoIP services, ATN datalink services, Air-Ground VDL2 subnets deployment, ADS-C, ADS-B and SATVOICE services in oceanic areas, CNS/ATM systems mock-ups and laboratory validation tests.
  5. ATC staff training consultancy advising ANSPs on how to organise and define the contents of the different courses required by the air traffic controllers.
  6. AIS transition to a digital environment (AIM-SWIM) National strategy definition of the transition to a digital AIS environment.

Contact information:
Telephone: 679 971 290
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