Economic information

The information on contracts and minor contracts involving ENAIRE is available both on the website itself and on the Public Sector Contracting Platform, where every contract will be published.

In compliance with article 8.1.f. of the Transparency Law, ENAIRE commits to making available to the citizens all relevant public information.

Furthermore, pursuant, on the one hand, to Article 19.2 of Law 22/2021 of 28 December on General State Budgets for 2022, and on the other to Article 23 of Royal Decree-Law 18/2022 of 18 October, the entity reports that in 2022, ENAIRE's CEO received a gross remuneration of €186,933.80, which includes the amount of €7,043.08 as a special seniority bonus. There was a 3.5% increase in remunerations with respect to the amount authorised for 2021.

ENAIRE's Chairman does not receive a remuneration from said public corporate entity, since her compensation is that received by virtue of her position as Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Transport and Housing, the details of which are available to anyone who is interested at the following link: Transparency - General - Search

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