Our commitment to Social Responsibility

ENAIRE’s commitment to sustainable development, society, transparency and the needs of our stakeholders is a core objective in the development of our activity.

We understand Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as the voluntary acceptance in our governance and management of the responsibilities arising from the impacts our activity has on society, the environment and human development conditions by observing ethical and transparent conduct.

Our public-interest service is intrinsically geared towards the development of society and our commitment is targeted at ongoing improvement in our partnerships with citizens, passengers, public authorities, airport managers, aircraft operators, suppliers and cultural organisations, among others. We contribute to social, environmental and economic development from a crosscutting approach involving every area in the organisation.

Our commitment to CSR is implemented across four strategic areas generally aimed at delivering on the needs and expectations of our stakeholders which cover the three dimensions (social, environmental and economic) of sustainable development:

At ENAIRE, one of our core objectives is ongoing improvement in the systemisation and strengthening of our system of dialoguing with our stakeholders. We thus work on maintaining and reinforcing all of our two-way communication channels with the goal of shoring up relations with them.

In doing so, the ENAIRE management system is responsible for, among other matters, compiling information on our stakeholders’ needs and expectations so we can mainstream them into our strategic management. It seeks to establish stable and lasting partnerships and relationship frameworks, design dialogue channels that foster active listening and consolidate trust-based integration policies.

We are engaged in the process of implementing a CSR Management System aligned with the ISO 26000 international standard, integrating our commitment in an Integrated Management Policy at ENAIRE and working with renowned CSR and sustainability organisations.