With SYSRED H24, the acronym for “ENAIRE H24 Network Services and Supervision”, we serve any unit within the organisation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, thanks to a team of expert professionals in the different areas of air navigation.

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We perform the tasks associated with real-time online operational supervision, service provision and the operation and maintenance of our air navigation centralised systems.

Through SYSRED H24 we coordinate and manage all of the information received from situations that disrupt the normal operation of the facilities, systems and/or services we provide, which impact or may impact quality for reasons such as adverse weather conditions, technical incidents, diversions or incidents with aircraft and more.

All of this information is notified in real time, in a seamless, precise and effective fashion, through different channels depending on the level of alert or severity in each situation.

SYSRED H24 contrasts the information available on its impact, estimated resolution time and alternative procedures, and issues it to the parties that must be notified in each case, before monitoring the event with reports and supporting ENAIRE’s managers in handling and coordinating information in a crisis situation. Collaboration with the Aena H24 Management Network Centre, as the airport manager, is fundamental to this process.

Every day at SYSRED H24 we analyse data, supply quality indicators of the service provided to interested parties and act as a benchmark for ENAIRE’s managers in terms of real-time operational network status.

Part of SYSRED H24’s work at ENAIRE comprises the management and operation of the International NOTAM Office, responsible for the international distribution of all operational incidents via NOTAMs.

In relation to centralised systems, it is important to mention the supervision and technical operation that guarantees the continuity of essential network services including:

  • The REDAN aeronautical data network, which provides a communications service across all CNS (communications, navigation and surveillance) systems and the SACTA automated air traffic control system.
  • The CRAMI (Integrated Message Automatic Retransmission Centre) system.
  • The ICARO system for flight plan management and aeronautical information intended for aeronautics users.
  • The VOLMET system that supplies meteorological information to aircraft in flight.
  • The datalink central processor for linking ground-air data between the ATC system and aircraft in flight.