Society and culture

We are available to our customers and society to openly contribute to providing information and we value their opinions and contributions as an effective mechanism for identifying aspects that can enable the ongoing improvement of the services we provide.

ENAIRE’s e-administration lets you lodge claims, complaints and suggestions online and can also be used to present improvements or report on any dissatisfaction in relation to our activities or services.

We also engage in needs and actions that can benefit society. As airspace managers we reserve the airspace to ensure the safe rollout of the activities that society demands, such as events, air shows and charity activities.

At ENAIRE we also contribute to society by bringing sector knowledge and experience to bear and we have partnership agreements for their social, environmental and institutional mainstreaming. We are aware of the importance of promoting the work we do and the projects we engage in, which is why we are increasingly present at training activities and events organised by universities and associations.

Projects implemented within the framework of knowledge transfers include the creation, together with the Polytechnic University of Madrid and INECO, of the ATM R&D and Innovation Reference Centre (CRIDA). CRIDA has the mission of boosting the research, development and innovation of concepts, procedures and systems for air traffic management.

ENAIRE also endeavours to make a decisive contribution to societal progress and development by proactively engaging in activities, and to this end we channel our external social action principally through the ENAIRE Foundation.