Flight Plan

The aviation sector is fundamental in Spain to facilitate national mobility and structuring and international connections, as well as due to its relevant contribution to tourism and to the economic development and welfare of our country.

For the period 2017-2020 our roadmap for the transformation of the organisation was defined in the Strategic Plan known as Flight Plan 2020 with two major challenges: the construction of the Single European Sky and the growth of air traffic.

Since safety is the main objective of ENAIRE's activity and the improvement of airspace capacity and efficiency is one of the priorities of this plan, specific action plans were carried out to strengthen the system and achieve the highest possible levels of safety. Along with the incorporation of new technologies, the fluidity of operations was improved, especially in the most congested areas and in adverse conditions.

ENAIRE's commitment to sustainable growth achieved significant environmental benefits. In addition, our strategic plan for this period included a route fare reduction of 29% and 25% between 2018 and 2020 in Peninsular Spain and the Canary Islands respectively, which positioned us as having one of the lowest fares among the main European providers and improved the competitiveness of Spanish air transport. ENAIRE's team of professionals was the fundamental element and driving force behind the transformation of the organisation.

To make the 2020 Flight Plan a reality, ENAIRE invested 360 million euros. A significant investment effort, proof of ENAIRE's firm commitment to anticipate the future in air traffic management and to confirm its position as one of the main providers on a European and worldwide scale.

For the period 2021-2025, ENAIRE has drawn up its new Strategic Plan: the Flight Plan 2025. It is currently subject to the relevant approvals by the relevant ministerial bodies, which are being processed.

Faced with the new panorama brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and the comprehensive transformation that is taking place in the air navigation sector to achieve a more efficient, digital and sustainable Single European Sky, this Plan shall continue the process of modernisation and transformation of ENAIRE, constituting an essential tool for managing the crisis and facing the profound structural changes in the sector.

The main axes of the Plan shall be sustainable mobility, digitalisation, efficiency, innovation and internationalisation, which will allow us to be more efficient and competitive. Safety shall continue to be ENAIRE's main strategic priority.