The ICARO system (Integrated COM/AIS/AIP & Reporting Office Automated System) automates tasks and procedures for the management of Notices to Airmen (NOTAM) at the Spanish NOF Office (NOTAM Office).

It also manages airport NOTAM projects together with the initial processing of flight plans and their monitoring at airport reservation offices (ARO Offices).

The system is accessed via ICARO clients installed on terminals located in airports and through our website.

ICARO also supplies NOTAM and weather information to SACTA (Automated Air Traffic Control System) and integrates in a single environment the operational information needed to plan flights, complete presentation formalities and query NOTAM and weather information by supplying pre-flight information bulletins (PIB).

ENAIRE delivers the following services through ICARO XXI:

  • NOTAM: its purpose is to ensure distribution of the information necessary for the safety, regularity and efficiency of international operational air navigation. The NOTAM Office (NOF) is the designated office for the international exchange of NOTAM information. Through ICARO, ENAIRE automates the functions of the NOF Office and creates an environment guaranteeing that the information handled is correct, of the required quality and processed at the right time.
  • Pre-flight information bulletins: through ICARO, ENAIRE complies with current regulations establishing that aeronautical information must be made available to users. ICARO is a user-friendly tool offering NOTAM and weather informationin the form of pre-flight information bulletins (PIB).
  • Weather information: the aeronautical meteorological information developed by AEMET is incorporated into the ICARO system for ease of access by users, who can use the public terminals on airport desks or our website.
  • Flight plan: through ICARO, ENAIRE provides an environment for the initial processing of flight plan messages, allowing the presentation and subsequent monitoring of flight plan status on the user terminals located in airports and online, through the website. With the facilities offered by the system, the responsible offices manage and monitor the flight plan.
  • Interface with SACTA: ICARO supplies aeronautical information, notably on the activation/deactivation of special areasweather information, responding to requests and maintaining it up to date.
  • Interfaces with Aena systems: ICARO has several interfaces with Aena systems, supplying it with information on flight plans, weather and NOTAM. By interfacing with these systems, it provides them with flight plan, slot and progress information. It is in charge of providing EUROCONTROL with the messages generated by airports within the Airport Collaborative Decision Making (A-CDM) programme.
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