Currently and while the transition period lasts until full implementation of the European regulations, the practice of aeromodelling is regulated by European Regulation REEU2019/947 (Operations) and by the Spanish national Royal Decree RD1036/2017, affecting pilots and clubs in different ways.

Model Airfields

As stated in the second additional provision of the Spanish national royal decree, model airfields located within controlled airspace must have a coordination procedure with the corresponding air traffic control service provider.

As far as ENAIRE is concerned, this procedure will be formalised through the signing of an ATS Operational Charter (AOC) between those responsible for the field and our ATS units. In order to initiate its coordination/processing, it is necessary for the person responsible or manager of the field to send the Operational Coordination department ( an initial draft of the AOC. In the case of fields located within the safety distances of an airport in the AENA network, they must send it to the appropriate persons in charge indicated in ENAIRE Drones.

Model airfields located outside controlled airspace, flight information zones (FIZ) or any aerodrome traffic zone (ATZ), do not require any processing by ENAIRE.

However, in all cases, the publication of the model airfield in AIP Spain is recommended (ENR 5.5). To this end, it is necessary that those responsible for the facility send to the AIS ( the form in ANNEX 3, the AIS DATA CAPTURE FORM of the AESA (Spanish Aviation Safety and Security Agency) Information Note for Model Airfields.

Within the club environment, model and recreational pilots must be registered as a UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System) operator and comply with club procedures.

Model and Recreational Drone Pilots

Model aircraft pilots and recreational pilots, in general, may only fly from coordinated drone infrastructure in controlled airspace, irrespective of the type of drone and category of operation.

Visit AESA's aeromodelling section to consult all the information related to this sporting activity.