Voice Communications Systems (VCS)

The voice communications systems (VCS) for controlling air traffic are located in the air control centres, both en route and on approach, and in airport control towers. They provide support to:

  • Ground/Air (G/A) voice communications, or radio communications, between air traffic controllers and aircraft pilots.
  • Ground/Ground (G/G) voice communications, or telephone communications between air traffic controllers for the coordination of operations, and between air traffic controllers and support staff for management purposes.

A VCS is a set of equipment enabling its users (air traffic controllers and support staff) to initiate, receive, attend to and maintain communication over radio or telephone.

The interconnection between the VCS and radio equipment and other VCS is through the Air Navigation Data Network (REDAN), ENAIRE equipment, and lines rented from telecommunications providers.

ENAIRE is equipped with voice communications systems with the following basic features:

  • VoIP technology, according to the International Interoperability Standard EUROCAE ED-137.
  • Dual system (two systems with identical functionality but different critical software, for security reasons).
  • Integration with the Automated System of Air Traffic Control (SACTA).
  • Distributed architecture in wide area network.
  • Advanced human machine interface.
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