Flight information service (FIS)

ENAIRE is the leading air-navigation service provider in Spain that offers real-time aeronautical information for safe and effective development across all phases of every flight.

### Imagen embebida: IMG_ATM_FIS ### Información de vuelo

With the Flight Information Service (FIS) ENAIRE personnel report on changes that could impact flight safety, such as weather conditions or navaid status.

ENAIRE provides four types of information:

  • Aerodrome: information on visibility, wind, clouds, obstacles on the runway and any event that takes place in the airport environment.
  • Approach: information on runways in service and those which an aircraft must use at all times.
  • En-route: operational information (navaid, radar, airport status, etc.) and weather conditions throughout the flight.
  • Consulting service: to put collision hazard information into effect.

ENAIRE sends the information through:

  • VHF-HF Operational Flight Information Service (OFIS) issuance.
  • Voice-based Automatic Terminal Information Service (voice-ATIS) issuance.
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