Next steps

The implementation of HISPAFRA by ENAIRE will proceed in phases. In accordance with the provisions of European Implementing Regulation 2021/116, phase 1 of HISPAFRA corresponds to an initial FRA, or structurally limited FRA.

This means that, during phase 1 of HISPAFRA, it will be possible to file flight plans with direct segments instead of using airways, but planned nominal trajectories must with trajectories that were also possible before HISPAFRA.

For the removal of structural restrictions, new functionality in ENAIRE’s ATM system (SACTA) is being implemented.

The new functionality, provides air traffic controllers with advanced conflict alerts (MTCD, Medium-Term Conflict Detection) and other tools such as TTM (Tactical Trajectory Manager) that automatically inform whether a certain flight level or direct route poses risks to air traffic before being cleared.

The implementation of the final FRA concept, including cross-border FRA with at least one collateral State, will be available before the end of year 2025.