Online maps

Access our online map applications, which provide aeronautical information through digital products aimed at different types of users: Insignia (aeronautical information), Insignia VFR (traffic charts for visual flight) and ENAIRE Drones (RPAS users).


Aeronautical information web application which presents the content of the AIS databases graphically and interactively.

Both the information in force and the next AIRAC published can be consulted. It shows part of the aeronautical operation published in the AIP on the digital map with different information layers, and it offers several kinds of filtering and querying functions.

One of the major possibilities of this new technology is its interoperability with different sources of information, allowing the tool to integrate data of different types. Thus, at the moment, apart from the AIS information, data on control sectors, easements and protected natural spaces can all be consulted.

INSIGNIA includes everything necessary for safe flying.


Insignia VFR:

Web application for consulting VFR traffic charts from the AIP-ESPAÑA publication in digital format.

Both the information in force and the next AIRAC published can be consulted. It includes aeronautical information with notation closer to that in other AIS visual publications (VAC charts from the AIP, VFR500 charts and VFR Guide), with functionality for consultation, drawing, measurement, etc.


ENAIRE Drones:

Web application offering operators and pilots of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS, or drones) the aeronautical information necessary, taken from the current AIP-ESPAÑA in force, so they can plan their operations safely.

Using this application, users of drones can plan their flights, and read WARNINGS and ALERTS before flying their aircraft.

ENAIRE Drones presents the elements relevant for operation with drones in a guided and interactive way, offering the drone pilot an appropriate vision and comprehension of the environment where the operation will take place, with safety being the key element.